Summer of Solidarity

Just a photo blog spotlighting some of the wonderful resistance against the fossil fuel industry, and for a livable planet, this Summer.

Support for Brave Appalachians & #ClimateSOS from Around the Planet

A unprecedented summer of action against the fossil fuel industry kicked off in Appalachia last month, and since then, solidarity photos have been coming in from around the world….

From Egypt… (Thanks 350 Egypt!) 

From New Zealand… (Thanks 350 Aotearoa!) 

From India… (Thanks Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha!)

From Alaska… (Thanks Beehive Collective!)

From Texas… (Thanks Tar Sands Blockade!) 

From North Carolina… (from @falseprofitsus and friends!)

From Vermont… (Photo by Dylan Kelley) 

From Burundi… (Thanks 350 Burundi!) 

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